Building back better: nurses leading our approach to preventing, promoting and protecting All Our Health.
Newland R. British Journal of Nursing 2021;30(4):250-251.
[As we enter 2021, the priorities for health and care systems across the globe remain centred on the need to manage the COVID-19 pandemic (Bourgeault et al, 2020). Although, of course, the unrelenting events taking place since early 2020 are things that we would not want to go through again, at the same time this has provided nurses and midwives with first-hand experience of the complex and dynamic nature of public health policy and practice.]
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Age Groups
Children and Adolescents
Older People
Conditions and Lifestyle Factors
Coronavirus Infections
General Practice
Home and Social Settings
Hospital Ward
Outpatient Department
Population Health
Staff Groups
Health Promotion Specialist
Nurse Specialist
Public Health Doctor
Public Health Specialist