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Introduction to Critical Appraisal of RCTs


Bedfordshire Health Libraries

COMET Room 4

1:00pm - 4:00pm

In this introduction to Critical Appraisal we will look at why we need to critically appraise published research, looking at methodology including common types of bias and errors frequently found in papers. We will also critically appraise a sample Randomised Control Trial using the CASP framework. 

To be able to define Critical Appraisal
To understand the need for Critical Appraisal and how it is one of the 5 steps
of evidence based medicine.
Gain experience in critically appraising an RCT.
How to interpret basic dichotomous statistics that are often found in RCTs such
as risk ratios, p-values and confidence intervals

General Interest/CPD
This skills session has no organisation restrictions
This skills session has no job role restrictions