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Finding Quality Health Information


Brighton and Sussex Library and Knowledge Service

The Library, Princess Royal Hospital

2:00pm - 4:00pm

Find authoritative healthcare research effectively and efficiently to support patient care, service improvement, research, professional development and coursework.

* Formulating an appropriate search question
* Identifying and understanding the different types of evidence
* Using search engines and evidence tools such as NHS Evidence, The Cochrane 
   Library, Medline, British Nursing Index, Health Management Information 
   Consortium and PsycInfo to find good quality health care information
* Downloading and saving references

Application of the knowledge and skills acquired on our courses help staff to meet the following 
KSF dimensions: HWB1 (levels 1,2,3), HWB4 (levels 2,3,4), HWB5 (levels 2,3,4), 
HWB7 (levels 2,3,4), HWB8 (level 4), IK2 (levels 2,3,4), IK3 (levels 1,3,4), G2 (levels 1,3,4), 
Core 1, Core 4 (levels 2,3). 
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This skills session has no job role restrictions